Contacts & Locations

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Parish Priest      Fr Ciaran McGuinness, The Presbytery, St Mary’s Road, Bodmin, PL31 1NF.  Tel: 01208 72833  email:

Assistant Priest     Fr Bryan Storey, Chy-an-Pronter, Bossiney Road, Tintagel, PL34 0AQ.    Tel/fax: 01840 770663  email:

Assistant Priest     Fr Robbie Low, 3, Trewince Lane, Lostwithiel, PL22 0AJ 01208 871517

Deacon   Revd Mr Brian Cassidy, 62 Wallace Road, Bodmin, PL32 2EX.  Tel: 01208 75497

Parish Secretary    Maureen Guthrie, St Mary’s Parish Centre, St Mary’s Road, Bodmin, PL31 1NF.  Tel: 01208 72833   email:

Parish Centre Caretaker    Gabrielle O’Connor, St Mary’s Parish Centre, St Mary’s Road, Bodmin, PL31 1NF   Tel 01208 72833   email:

Religious Sisters   Sr Pauline, Daughters of Mary & Joseph, Apartment 5, St Guron’s, Castle Street, Bodmin, PL31 2DX.  Tel 01208 77701

Sr Deirdre,  Daughters of Mary & Joseph,   Tel 01637 880084.

St Mary & St Petroc Catholic Church, St Mary’s Road, Bodmin, PL31 1NF.

St Michael’s Catholic Church, Trevanson Street, Wadebridge, PL27 7AW.

The Shared Anglican/Catholic Church of St Petroc, Padstow, Church Street, Padstow, PL28 8BG.

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