Teaching courses

On this page you can listen to a number of Catholic teaching courses that have been given in this parish by our priests and catechists.  Scroll below to find the courses and use the individual players to listen to the sections as listed.

1. The New Translation of the English Missal.  A parish course given in July 2011 by Fr Keith Mitchell, Robbie Low and Peter Littleton.

1.  Introduction and Introductory rites – Fr Keith Mitchell & Fr Robbie Low

2.  Gloria to Creed – Peter Littleton & Fr Robbie Low

3.  Gestures & Eucharistic Prayer – Peter Littleton & Fr Robbie Low

4.  Eucharistic Prayer (part 2) to the end of the Mass – Fr Robbie Low & Peter Littleton

2. The Easter Triduum.  A parish course given in Lent 2010 by Fr Keith Mitchell and Robbie Low.

1.  Introduction – Fr Keith Mitchell

2.  The Passover – Fr Robbie Low

3.  Maundy Thursday (Part 1) – Fr Keith Mitchell

4.  Maundy Thursday (Part 2) – Fr Keith Mitchell

5.  Maundy  Thursday – Fr Robbie Low

6. Good Friday – Fr Keith Mitchell

7.  Good Friday – Fr Robbie Low

8.  Holy Saturday – Fr Keith Mitchell

9.  The Easter Vigil – Fr Robbie Low

10.  The Easter Vigil – Fr Keith Mitchell

3. Priesthood.  A course of 8 sessions given in the parish of Bodmin in November 2009, as our contribution to the Year of the Priest.   Fr Keith Mitchell and Robbie Low.

1.  Priesthood in the Old Testament – Fr Robbie Low

2.  The Priest: man of prayer – Fr Keith Mitchell

3.  Christ the High Priest – Fr Robbie Low

4.  The Priest: man of the Eucharist – Fr Keith Mitchell

5.  The Priesthood of all believers – Fr Robbie Low

6.  The Priest: man of theology – Fr Keith Mitchell

7.  Apostolic and Ministerial Priesthood – Fr Robbie Low

8.  The Priest: man of reconciliation – Fr Keith Mitchell

4.  St Paul Teacher of the World    8 sessions on the life and teaching of St Paul the Apostle by Fr Guy de Gaynesford (our previous parish priest) and Robbie Low given at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Newquay, in September 2008, at the invitation of Fr Mark O’Keeffe, parish priest.   You can listen to these talks and others given by Fr Guy and Robbie on the St Paul Repository website – go to this link to find the course

Our Contributors:

Canon Keith Mitchell studied for the priesthood at St John’s seminary, Wonersh, and was ordained in 1996 for the Diocese of Plymouth.  He has been parish priest of St Paul and Our Most Holy Redeemer, Plymouth, St Peter and St Thomas More, Crownhill, and Chaplain to the secondary schools of St Boniface and Notre Dame.  He is member of the Chapter of Canons of Plymouth Cathedral.

Fr Robbie Low read History at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and  Theology at Westcott House.  Ordained in the Anglican Church 1979, he served for 25 years in parish ministry. In 2004 he and his wife, Sara, were received into the Catholic Church. They run Fowey Retreat  as a teaching centre.  Fr Robbie was ordained priest in 2012 and is Assistant Priest of this parish.