Our Sunday Mass

We record the Mass from our parish church in Bodmin every Sunday for the benefit of our parishioners, most especially the sick and the housebound, who are unable to be with us in church.  You can listen from your computer by clicking on the arrow below. The celebrant is our parish priest, Fr Ciaran McGuinness, unless otherwise stated.
Mass for Sunday 10th December 2017  Second Sunday of Advent Ordinary Time B Psalter 2

Celebrant: Fr Ciaran McGuinness

Isaiah 40:1-5.9-11 Prepare a way for the Lord.
Psalm 84: Let us see, O Lord your mercy and give us your saving help.
2 Peter 3:8-14  We are waiting for the new heaven and new earth.
Mark 1:1-8 Make his path straight.
Homily: Change your way and repent!