Mass Times & Parish Newsletter

Go to this link for the Newsletter for 22nd May 2022


Above you will find 2 links one for the newsletter and one for the Parish Audit which consists of a list of questions that you will need to look at in order to answer the request contained in the  letter from the Priests. You will need to click on the links separately.


Live Streaming of Mass

Our 10.30am Mass will be streamed live on YouTube. To watch please click this link:

Bodmin Catholic Parish – YouTube

To watch  just go to the Bodmin Catholic Parish Channel on YouTube a few minutes before the Mass is due to start and click on the picture with a little ‘Live’ logo in the corner.    

We will be doing this every weekend now so we’ll no longer be recording the Saturday vigil Mass. Recordings of the Sunday Mass will be posted on YouTube after the live stream.     

Recordings will be available on YouTube and Facebook after the Mass has finished.


Sunday                            10.30am                St Mary & St Petroc Parish Church, Bodmin

                                         8.30am                St Michael, Wadebridge

                                        5.30pm                 St Paul the Apostle, Tintagel           

MONDAY                       10.00am                 St Mary & St Petroc Parish Church, Bodmin

TUESDAY                       10.00am                  St Petroc’s Shared Church, Padstow

WEDNESDAY                 10.00am                  St Mary & St Petroc Parish Church, Bodmin

THURSDAY                    10.00am                  St Paul the Apostle, Tintagel

FRIDAY                          10.00am                  St Michael, Wadebridge

SATURDAY                      5.30PM                  Vigil Mass St Petroc Shared Church, Padstow


Welcomers will greet you at the church door


We are lifting some of the restrictions in the way we celebrate Holy Mass.

  1. We can receive Holy Communion at the proper time (not at the end of Mass) and return to our seats afterwards.
  2. We will sing from the hymn books (n.b. wearing face masks)

Otherwise we continue observing certain restrictions

  • We will continue to sanitise hands and wear face masks on entering the church.
  • Sign of Peace: we will continue to refrain from the handshake of peace
  • We will be livestreaming the 9.00am mass only. To watch please click this link: Bodmin Catholic Parish – YouTube
  • There will be a limited number of newsletters available at each church for those who wish to take them. Please ensure you take the newsletter with you when you leave the church.
  • The lavatory will now be available but we are asking that you use the disinfectant wipes provided to sanitise it after use.

We have all got to be patient with each other and especially with the priests as we try to implement what is best for our worship. Until further notice nothing changes re: Holy Communion, wearing of masks and hand sanitising.

Fr. Ciarán McGuinness