Mass Times & Newsletter

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MASS TIMES FOR WEEK COMMENCING Sunday 20th August 2017 20th Week in Ordinary Time A1 Psalter 4  

Saturday 19 Aug:         5.30pm  Vigil Mass, Padstow; 10.00am Tintagel
Sunday 20 Aug :           8.30am  Wadebridge;   10.30am Bodmin;  5.30pm Tintagel
Monday 21 Aug:           9.30am Bodmin; 10.00am Tintagel
Tuesday 22 Aug:          9.30am  Padstow ;  10am Tintagel;
Wednesday 23Aug:   10.00am Bodmin  10.00am Tintagel
Thursday 24 Aug:       6.30pm Bodmin 10.00am Tinagel
Friday 25 Aug:             9.30am  Wadebridge;  10.00am Tintagel
Saturday 26 Aug:          5.30pm  Padstow 10.00am Tintagel
Sunday 27 Aug:             8.30am  Wadebridge; 10.30am Bodmin, 5.30pm Tintagel